Mediant Jumerah


I had to go through Medinat Jumerah to get to The Meat Co, and we walked through it after finishing up. The whole thing is a like mini-city in its size and design, it really is a city in itself and looks amazing from every angle. You feel transported when you are inside the Medinat Jumerah, there is a lot of walking that can be done and then there are the boats that could take you to different parts of Medinat Jumerah.


Who ever designed this must have been a genius because once you enter you can’t really leave, and its worth walking around. The scenery is very nice and there is a lot to do, there is a few auditoriums for concerts and other events within the resort and then there are the rooms that look over this man made oasis.












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  1. Place looks cool but also like a giant maze hahha

  2. D.

    Too bad you didn’t go there at night. It’s beatiful by the water in the evenings. There’s also a nice traditional clothing place run by a Kuwaiti woman inside.

  3. Meeinaaa el-salaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

    there is one american restaurant nsait esmah =F in souk al-jumeirah kellah (burgers) 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!!!

  4. I’ve never been, but that place sure looks cool, kinda old style

  5. Very very neat! Looks very cool.

  6. loving the tradition vs modernism thing goin on

  7. I’ve been there twice .. Madenat Jumaira worth the visit!

  8. i really should get with the rest of the world and go see dubai already

  9. ananyah: Exactly! Just like a maze!

    D: Really? Didn’t know that! I have been there before at night and it is pretty nice!

    Outkasty: I have no clue what the name of the place is either!

    Laialy: Its new and old at the same time!

    N: Yup pretty cool!

    nQ: yup!

    Cat: it is quiet different!

    eshda3wa: it will always be there!

    vampire: you going?

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