Review: The Meat Co.


I kept hearing about the meat factory for the past 6 months, so I had a chance to go visit The Meat Company on the last day. It turns out to be a South African chain and they had a choice of African or Australian Beef to choose from and the Australian was of higher grade. I wanted to try the riblets they had and I was going to have the Ribeye as usual to see how good it is.


For the starter we had the riblets and that got very messy very quickly. It was very tasty but the portion isn’t that much but tasty. Then for the main course I got my Ribeye in medium rare to see how it would taste. It looked really good when I got the steak, but I was disappointed as I was eating it. It wasn’t cooked right, and it was dry in a few parts. They have good steak but the Rib Room has high quality beef, you can tell that by the grade of the meat they are using. Overall I think its pretty good, but Rib Room is better.














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  1. Where is that? Dubai? Hmm, it seems that somehow the next “fad” of restaurant chains will be stake houses. Who knows..

  2. beyond q8iya


    never been to the one in dubai bas the one in bahrain is amazing and ive heard the food a7laa ba3aad..

    where would u have steak in q8?

  3. ok now i’m hungry! :@

    we’ve got the Meat Co in Bahrain. The atmosphere is very different than the pics above.. my opinion of the one in bahrain:

    food: ok, nothing wow..
    atmosphere: very nice..
    cost: overpriced!

  4. I am officially mad at you for posting all those steak pics! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. I always order my steaks well done and I end up getting them burned!

    Beyond, I think you’d like the Gaucho Grill. it’s not bad kilish, I believe the best steaks I’ve ever had

  6. Hasan.B

    I have been to this restaurant it is way over rated! I remember ordering medium well steak and when I had it it was like a rock! The riblets were messy aswell with too much sauce on them Believe you have to try terrace grill, the one dubai and not kuwait!

  7. Gaucho Grill yekhoroona sometimes! I think in Kuwait mafi good steak house yet! But believe it or not… I like L’entrocote illi bil Fanar!!!! heehee

  8. Sushi

    Mishtahia 7ail steak or burgers, quiet place and yummy food.. ifff…
    O abi mashed potatoes.

    What is that little thing in the last picture on the Meat Co sign? It looks like a dove or something.

  9. N: Yup in dubai! I don’t think its the next fad really, been hearing about it for a while. Its good, not great!

    beyond Q8iya: I wouldn’t have steak in Kuwait period, they are very disappointing and my tastes are specific to steaks!

    MSB: looool! Hhmmm I don’t think the Meat Cos are that good really!

    Ansam: I just had to! I’m even hungry!

    pearls: Don’t order it Well Done!! They destroy the meat that way, thats why it will come tasting like a brick! I think Gaucho Grill is horrible!!!

    Hasan.B: I agree with you! This was in Dubai!

    Ansam: I went there once and won’t go ever again! No good steak place in Kuwait period!

    Sushi: Al7een Mishtehee burgers! Its pigeon walking into the sign! lol

  10. Sushi

    Cuuuuute!!! widi afagi9ha!

  11. ive heard abt it too.. but the person who told me was aactually dumb, pretencious and maghroor.. and claimed that this had the best steaks ever.. so i saved myself the trouble and never bothered setting foot there :P lo inshalla a7la ma63am bildenya i still wont go cuz of that person ;p

  12. thank god its not that great! 1st time i heard about it was from a dumb pretencious and maghroor guy! kila rafi3 eldenya foog ow ehma bilsij WALA SHY!


  13. LOL aham shy iny 123467890 comment! 1st time i commented the site crashed ;p i checked it and i didnt find my comment.. hence the tribal scream at the end of the 2nd comment :p asfa 3al za7ma!

  14. pink

    isnt that the same one in emarates mall in the food court next to chilies??? its south african frenchise too…iim not sure of the name but it sounds the same

  15. Hasan.B

    I know this is in Dubai, im referring to another restaurant called terrace grill its located in the mariot I think

  16. Sushi: loooool!

    Ms.D: looool! Now thats a funny reason. Don’t worry about the commenting, comment as you like!

    pink: Nope, not the same place!

    Hasan.B: aaah!

  17. SENA

    What about the cut restaurant in Movenpick hotel, any one try it?
    if you didn’t try it!! try it and tell me about it guess you gona like it.

  18. Ms. D: No prob!

    SENA: It isn’t good at all, to tell you the truth its mediocre.

  19. Yummy! Sounds like Gaucho Grill, only better.

  20. little me

    best place in kuwait is Gaucho Grill, food service, and atmosphere
    and high class customers :)

  21. MYK: Gaucho Grill isn’t that good at all!

    little me: I don’t think its good, it didn’t meet my standards for meat!

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