iRiver Clix2 4GB


After passing by Alghanim Electronics I remembered that they sold iRivers, so I decided to check out if they had the Clix. It turned out they had the Clix 2 with 4GB space and it was being sold for 67 KD and came with its docking station. The 8GB version is sold for $233 on Amazon, so I thought to purchase it and try it out, the size is honestly perfect so I thought it would be easy to use.


The interface is nothing short of fantastic, very easy and simple to use. I watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock on it, and it integrates seamlessly with my Kenwood Headunit in the car. The battery has lasted a while now, and I just keep on filling it with new music. One thing I noticed about it more the any other mp3 player I have used, its loud and clear, the volume goes from 0 to 40 and most mp3 players would stop at around 28 – 30 of the Clix volume, but this just keeps going. This is a perfect feature for when I read since I need it be loud from the wind. Right now I think the best interface possible with amazing features it the iRiver Clix 2, but I will have a full review once I go through it completely. When they fix my Creative Zen I will see what I will do with it.



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  1. you didn’t even wait to see if they can fix the creative zen!!!!
    Anyways … Mabrook

  2. AngelOfDeth

    Your welcome ;)

    Just kiddin, now that you got one I must get one too!!!! I hate gadgets!!!!

  3. Mabrook and that sounds cool, what do you think of 30 Rock btw? :P

  4. Laialy: I didn’t I can’t go without an MP3 player when I ride!!!! lol! Thanks!

    AngelOfDeth: Thanks for pointing them out to me!

    Jacqui: I like the show, its sarcastic and fresh! Really funny people!

  5. mushroom

    will be waiting for the review..

    if they fix your creative, sell it to me for 5KD. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. mushroom: I will sell it for the online price! Don’t worry :) lol

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