Review: Gym Class Heroes – As Cruel As School Children


The first time I heard Gym Class Heroes was a couple of months back, and then I started searching for the CD but it was sold out at every location I checked. I managed to find their Album was available as MP3 download (DRM-Free) so I got that for only $9.99 which is worth it for this Album

I managed to download their Album, I listened to the music the first time and I thought it was fresh. Its really different and I really do enjoy the combination of the beats and songs, they seem true to what they do and the music is mixed between hip hop and rock. There are a lot of good songs, just depends on what you want to listen to. If you are looking for something different then this is the music you should check out.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. chiaP: They are good!

    Laialy: they are a bit out there but I like them!

    Cat: If you like solo rap then you will like them, they are really raw not for everyone’s tastes!

    Jacqui: I like how they are, and their songs are entertaining!

  2. their style isn’t bad. some of the lyrics do get pretty cheesy at times. i havent heard the whole album but from the few tracks ive listened to i would say theyre good overall

  3. El Aly

    First time I heard them was on Conan’s late night show…

    “…and she even cooks me pancakes, and alka-seltzer when my tummy aches” hahaha

  4. Come on dude! The CD sucks. I guess it’s not my type of music. Go listen to J. Holiday’s new album – Back of My ‘Lac … now that’s good music ;)

  5. ammaro: The feeling I get is that these guys have fun when they are making their music and it is transmitted through their music!

    El Aly: hahaha!

    KWT23: Its either you like them or not, I thin J. Holiday’s music is good but there are other artist out there who make the same type of music and have the same type of talent, with these guys they are original and good, but still its a matter of taste!

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