Striking A Balance


The past few weeks have been a bit hectic, between all the work responsibilities and social commitments. In Kuwait you have that extra amount of work where you have to go family or make sure you spend enough time with family or visit a friend’s wedding because you have to. I do enjoy doing most of what I do, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.

The other day I was falling asleep while having lunch/dinner (coming late from work as usual) and I had things to do so I had to go out, by the time I get home and finish up all the other tasks its already 12 am so I wouldn’t get to sleep until 12:30am or 1:00am at that rate. It just keeps going around until one day I just completely shutdown and I have to sleep no matter what I wanted to do. Trying to find that balance point is nearly impossible, I seem to be walking around it and sometimes I can balance things out and sometimes I can’t seem to get the balance and I lose on sleep.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Try Shoonya, a type of meditation – a 15 minute gives you whats worth 3-4 hours of sleep :p

  2. Shaymaa: Rest does a lot more then meditation, the body just shutsdown!

  3. i hear ya! i used to be like that.. i pushed myself to the limit everyday.. but u know what, it’s just not worth it.. sure, at first it is and enjoy it while it lasts (being able to do everything and not miss out on anything) but eventually, u gotta listen to ur body when it tells u that it’s time for a break! there’s nothing nicer than having a day all to yourself.. to take it easy.. take it slow..

  4. you need to take somethings off your plate … moderation is key!

  5. beyond q8iya

    i multi task the social and the work, i understand working late etc, and the one thing that really works for me is to randomly take a day off ..

    example: had huge project at work, just got back from long trip and everybody wants to see me after work when im no longer a person (in theory), plus 3aza and ppl giving birth that i have to visit.. yuck sa7?

    solution: i had a 10 am interview one day at another firm, and i randomly decided to call the office and say i wont be coming afterwards, went to lunch at avenues with friends, watched a movie in bed.. and VOILA i was ready to be on top of things the next day..

    once in a while just ditch !! u dont have to have a reason, it gives u a rush of being in control, freeee, and its guilty fun which is the best type..

    Good luck !

  6. i know i had to come late to work today because of the terrible shutdown i had this morning, getting up was impossible! i had to sleep more, i actually slept around 12.30am waking up since 5.30am it was insane! not only yesterday it has been going on for a while now

    من كثر اللوية احس اني اوله على البيت

    i just want a quiet evening, some tv or reading. Even a massage or a spa is not tempting anymore

  7. beyond q8iya: i think ur 100% right.. ur body DOES need these occasional impromptu breaks! 3ad el meshkila ineh ur talking to a work-a-holic! try convincing him with what you said!

  8. i take that back… replace work-a-holic, with busy-a-holic!! :)

  9. Beyond Q8iya

    hahhaha MSB ;)

    merely trying to show him his options lool :P

  10. i hear ya! ow elmishkila when ppl around u think ur wasting ur time! especially when they wanna come over or want u to come over or go out or wutever and u say u need to sleep or finish work and they complain “shd3wa elshughel eb yenhad min gherich!” i hate that attitude!

    hmm.. i need to change the ppl around me.. g3a esabebon ley stress :P

  11. Yeah, I understand what you mean. I’ve noticed that just going around and trying to get things done without a break is not as good as spacing things out a little and breaking it down. That’s my opinion.

  12. MSB:Taking slow sometimes just isn’t an option! I like being lazy sometimes but in this case I just don’t have the time!

    Laialy: Nothing be taken off the plate right now!

    beyond Q8iya: I wish I could do that, but its impossible at my work, since I’m managing a few people so I do feel guilty if I’m not there to support my team!

    Q80-ChillGirl: I can understand the feeling of just doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV! It does sound like a good thing!

    MSB: looool!

    Beyond Q8iya: looool!

    Ms. D: That is the feeling, they don’t understand the responsibility of work so they take it lightly. In my case I don’t take things lightly. I want to finish all my tasks, and I make sure I do!

    N: I agree with you 100%, but then there is the time constraint which is the issue!

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