Sony Ericsson W960

At last the 8 GB Sony Ericsson phone has arrived and it is as functional as expected from the specs. I thought the phone would be heavier and thicker based on the SE P90 that a lot of people still have but it is relatively light and thin for its size. I tried it out for one day and I have to say its like having a mini-computer/full-on mp3 player. Sony Ericsson have been very successful in with the MP3 Player interface over the past year, and this is even better with its easy music interface. It has a 8 GB storage for music, pictures, and videos which is separate from the memory used to store settings of the phone.


The touch screen is interesting, the first time you start it up and configure it takes about 10 minutes all in all. Then It only takes about 20-30 seconds to start up, still a little while but this machine packs a punch. The touch screen is very simple to you and intuitive and 90% of all the navigation is done through the screen. The wifi is really simple as well, and browsing is very simple to do and reading webpages is very clear as well. If you want phone & music player that does it all then this is it.

Link: GSMArena

Price: 210 KD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sounds really good. What about camera specs?

  2. EniGma: lol! Yup its a cool phone, I’m just surprised how it was!

  3. Seems quite good, the camera doesn’t seem to have a zoom function, which is impossible i think but there’s nothing on the website about that.

  4. i want a fone that doesnt get scratched or messy after continuous episodes of free falls. does it come in gold?

  5. the problem with such fones is that within a couple of months, they’ll be all over q8! (if not already).. and we’ll be seeing so much of them that u can get bored of urz easily, like the iphone for example

    ..but it’s a nice fone i must admit:p

  6. mushroom

    im still sticking with my samsung (who knows what model it is). bought 2 years ago for KD 15. lol

    no camera
    no wifi
    no nothing. total crap.

    atleast when i get bored with it, i have no trouble flushing it in the toilet. lol

  7. that looks sweet, i am pretty happy with the sony erricson i got now, but an upgrade it always nice hehehe

  8. I was considering the w960 but I think for that price the n95 8gb is a wiser choice.

  9. El Aly

    Zooky, this the one you sent Bass? Touchscreen is sick!!

  10. WOW…the phone i’ve dreamt of – drools – … but now i have an ipod classic that i recently bought :( … is it worth the extra money on this mobile for the 8GB storage for mp3?? … still a great phone though.

  11. N: I think its just digital zoom, but its a good 3.2 Megapixel camera which will do the job!

    Ms. D: When you find that fone get back to me!! lol! Tie it to your wrist, maybe their will be less falls because of that1

    lone.rangeress.63: That doesn’t really matter if a fone is good or not, as long as its functional and you enjoy thats what counts!

    mushroom: hahahaha! Thats priceless!

    Laialy: An upgrade is very nice!!

    mishref: The w960 has an 8GB HD, but just wait for it to drop in price a bit!

    Jacqui: yup!

    El Aly: nope, he got the K850i

    KWT23: its a great phone and the music interface is great for a phone! So yeah it is worth it!

  12. Wud u recommend this or the communicator E90 ?

  13. i mean, excluding the mp3 player

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