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Sony Ericsson W960

At last the 8 GB Sony Ericsson phone has arrived and it is as functional as expected from the specs. I thought the phone would be heavier and thicker based on the SE P90 that a lot of people still have but it is relatively light and thin for its size. I tried it out for one day and I have to say its like having a mini-computer/full-on mp3 player. Sony Ericsson have been very successful in with the MP3 Player interface over the past year, and this is even better with its easy music interface. It has a 8 GB storage for music, pictures, and videos which is separate from the memory used to store settings of the phone.


The touch screen is interesting, the first time you start it up and configure it takes about 10 minutes all in all. Then It only takes about 20-30 seconds to start up, still a little while but this machine packs a punch. The touch screen is very simple to you and intuitive and 90% of all the navigation is done through the screen. The wifi is really simple as well, and browsing is very simple to do and reading webpages is very clear as well. If you want phone & music player that does it all then this is it.

Link: GSMArena

Price: 210 KD