UK Visa


I’m getting all the Visas for my new passport so the first one on the list is the UK Visa. It was at an application area which is in a building to the right of the Central Bank of Kuwait opposite Al Seef Palace. The parking lot is always full so I parked in area where I wouldn’t get in people’s way, and its hard to not see something that big.

What You Need:

  • 6 month Bank Statement
  • Picture With White Background
  • Fill out the form

If you don’t have your 6 month bank statement there is place next door that can print it for you but for 5 KD, which is insane, so make sure to have your 6 month bank statement.


Once you sit with a person who asks you a few questions, she told me an interesting fact. I was applying for the 10 year visa, but you can’t apply for a 10 year visa unless you have had a 5 year Visa, so then the Embassy would decide what you could get. They took the finger prints of all 10 of my fingers, first the right four, then the left four, and then both my thumbs.

They give you a serial number, and phone number to call in between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, if the passport is done pick up is from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. It takes two to three working days, and they are very systematic in their process and really organized.

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  1. The only visa in my passport is my US visa and once i get back to q8, i won’t be able to use … therefore making me visa-less hehehe

  2. They say they need the statement but as a kuwaiti you are not required to do so. I didnt bring my statement to either the US or the UK and i got 10 years from both.

  3. PS, dont apply for the UK online, i did so myself and went through the fingerprints in the so called center, i got a call from the UK embassy a week later saying i had to retake the fingerprints cause the online system is not effective. I had to go to the main us embassy for the prints and i got the visa the day after. The whole mess took 10 days in total.

  4. D.

    A7la shai the finger printing! I enjoy doing that madri laish hehe.
    It would be nice if we had a cute ink case in our pockets at all times and everytime we pay by KNET instead of entering a pin number we do finger printing! Wanaaaasa LOOOL

  5. geo

    i was looking through ur blog last night for info about visas and here you are posting about it

    i applied today at the italian embassy .. my visa will be ready on sunday

  6. Cool, I think the UK is best since you can get a long term visa for most other visas especially shingen you can only get a short term, and you probably need a ticket etc..

  7. Laialy: looool! U will need to get a few then!

    Spicy Pepper: As a Kuwait you do need a statement, its new and they ask! they made me go back to get the statement! I’m not sure how things are going to go with the US Embassy but its going to be interesting for sure!

    D: Ur kidding me! U like finger printing that much! looool!

    geo: happy to help, its just one of those things to share if I have gone through the hassle!

    N: With Shengen you do need a ticket but some places can help you out with that!

  8. there are 10 year visas?! awal marrah i hear about that.. i thought 5 was the max..

  9. MSB: It seems they have more but you have had to have the 5 year visa to get the 10 year one!

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