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I tend to read a lot of books and one of thing when I read in bed, on the couch, or while traveling is that my wrist hurts after a while. Even though I want to read it becomes very annoying after a while, so it took sometime but someone thought of the perfect product to make things easier for you. You can read in the most relaxed positions, and it is built from solid ABS plastic for different kinds of books and very easy to flip pages and you get used to how to flip pages.

Its worth getting but it seems that it is back ordered until the third or fourth month of January.

Price: $15

Link: BookGem

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  1. That is pretty neat … i”l look into it they must have something like it in a book store

  2. Ajeeb. My wrists would hurt too especially with heavy books and those that snap shut easily. I would have to bend them to make them more lax but this seems like a good solution. Hope they sell them in Kuwait as opposed to just being available online.

  3. that’s quite neat and really creative it’s so handy for me since i always read in bed :/

  4. shaklaah 7elo…

    bs hal kel ma tbe et’3ayer el 9af7a u have to replace it again ?!

  5. I either use the edge of the desk as a stand OR rest the book on my lap when reading, o may3awir! :P

  6. jingosim

    Do more forearms exercises till you look like popeye and save yourself 15 bucks.

  7. Laialy: Its really good!

    lone.rangeress.63: yup!

    Vegabond: Just available online its new and its sold out for the first quarter of 2008!

    Zabo0o6a: I read in different places and this would help for sure!

    Cat: Its really simple just to move one side to change the page and it keeps things open!

    Outkasty: if you use your lap as the stand then you have to look down, not good for your neck!

    jingosim: It seems you have found a good book to read for a while, if your reading it doesn’t matter how strong you are, its the uncomfortable position your hand is in when you are reading, gets sore after a while!

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