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The search started early morning, I usually place my work phone on the pile of books right next to the door since its the farthest it could be from me and I won’t forget its location. One morning I put my hand where I thought it would but it wasn’t there, so then I thought it was in my car but it wasn’t there either, so I came back and searched the room and I kept calling it. The phone was ringing but I couldn’t hear in it in the car.

I tried searching the car again even though I thought it wasn’t going to be there. I could hear it ringing when I called, but no sound in the car. So at that point I tried tracking my own steps and the places I could have taken the phone out. Lucky for me I only take out my phone at work or at home, not at random places or when I’m visiting some place. So there were only a few locations I could have left the phone.

Possible Locations:

  • Work Location 1
  • Work Location 2
  • Home
  • Car

There were only two places left, and after getting to location 1 and it wasn’t there so there was only one more place or the damn thing was lost. Lucky for me when I went there I found it under a pile of papers that I was going through in office location 2 when I was working late in the evening. I’m lucky that all my contacts are in Outlook so I just have to sync to get things going back again, it just really is bad to lose a phone.