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Review: Elizabeth The Golden Age


This is a different story about Elizabeth the Virgin Queen played by Cate Blanchatt and Clive Owen playing Sir Walter Raleigh. I knew that Cate would be playing an amazing role since she always does an amazing job with her roles, and I enjoy Clive Owen in all the different characters he plays. Even though this isn’t the usual movie I see I really wanted to see what this movie was going to be like since its more into conflict period of her rule.


The movie shows the intelligence of Elizabeth and the difficult she faced against the larger Spanish Empire. The story starts off really well and she faces people within her country and those outside her country who wish to harm her. Then she is introduced to Sir Walter Raleigh who she finds to be interesting since he is different then all the people she usually sees. The movie picks up pace, but there is a lot taking place while they are trying to concentrate on matters of the court and their is the part about waging war. Overall I liked the movie, but I think they hurried through a few parts of the movies to make sure they finish up the story line.

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