BMW HP2 Sport


At a 140 bhp this machine packs a punch, they have really pulled all the punches for this machine. HP stands for High Performance and 2 is for the second version. It has a dry weight of 178 Kgs which is pretty good for boxer and the Bavarian firm.

The HP2 Sport gets a six-speed close-ratio gearbox, and there’s also a quickshifter there to keep racer-types happy. Other fancy bits are Öhlins suspension, forged wheels, various carbonfibre parts, Brembo monoblock brakes with radially mounted four-piston calipers at the front, and a MotoGP-style digital dashboard. ABS is optional.


This bike is bound to make the Japanese and Italians take notice, it isn’t afraid to chew at all the super sports on the road. With this whole package comes a hefty price, its supposed to sell in 2008 for 14’500 British Pounds.

Link: WebBikeWorld





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  1. Now that is a nice machine … reminds me of MILK

  2. Laialy: It is a nice machine, but don’t know how it reminds you of milk!! lol

    Outkasty: lol! :)

    vampire: It is nice, very nice!

  3. vampire: I agree!

    jewaira: yup! Very nice and different!

  4. YZ

    makes me wanna come until I saw the pricetag….shame….

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