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Since purchasing my iRiver Clix2 I have been sorting out the music in my mp3 player. I have been doing a decent job of organizing the music on my computer but there are probably lots of duplicates in different hard drives, but the one thing I have decided to do at least for you mp3 player is to adjust the ID3 tags to reflect the correct information.

I tried a few different softwares but nothing really managed the music correctly and easily, until I stumbled onto MediaMonkey thanks to Lifehacker. This software does a really good job of music library management, and fixing ID3 tags with a little help from the user.

You can batch edit ID3 tags if they are from the same Album to get all the Album Art, they get all the Album Art from Amazon and you can get the ID3 information from Amazon as well as FreeDB. It is a bit of tedious process but once its all done you do a lot of music organized with a lot of the Album Art attached to your music, and I really do enjoy having all my music organized, so at this point I’m going to have to do that for all my music. For a about 100 songs it took me about an hour and half, it would easily take a couple of days for all the songs that I have. There are two version available the free and the pay version, the free version is perfectly good to organize all the music you have so need to go for the pay version and it can integrate with many different music players, but I still prefer to drop the music into the player myself.

Link: LifeHacker