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Review: Emily Gee – Thief With No Shadow


When reading the story on the cover I thought this would be an interesting story to read. Its about a woman who is a wraith and wraith have the ability to be invisible, she is trying to avoid using these abilities to remain as human as possible. She has to do something with her wraith powers to save her brother so she affects the life of Bastian. They live in time which is somewhat tied to magic, yet it isn’t completely normal but they know of magical creatures and they try to avoid them. This movie jumps into the Fantasy genre then as the story proceed there are parts in it which becomes a bit slow, then it picks up speed as the action comes into play and book is hard to put down. The main issue I had was that it was very inconsistent, there were which were fast and some there were slow, the author tried going into the fantasy genre then the romance genre and it just feels that there is one main idea that she wanted. The ending was a bit expected so there was no surprise and nothing really to remember the book, the book is ok but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to read this there are a lot better books out there.

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