Official Vacation


My work has this tendency never to anounce the vacations until the last minute, and on the next few days I haven’t really kept things in mind. I’m staying during Eid just to relax, visit some family, watch some tv/anime, and ride. The one thing I have on my mind is projects and tasks for work that won’t get accomplished for a long time due to this long holiday.

6 days off is good, but if the government ceases to function then we can’t really do any work and that causes problems for us and others.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I LIKE IT! Lets keep it as it is… 6 beautiful days off!

  2. I pretty sure of that …. you’re starting to sounds a little work-aholic-e :p

  3. Workaholic people hates long vacations, especially ones that “cut” their projects, like in the middle :P

  4. Im getting the vibes that you’r such a workaholic… not ;p
    enjoy it!

  5. 3eedik imbarak wa-ejaza la6eefa wa-sa3eeda =o]

  6. Dont you dare think about cutting it short, keep it hoe!

  7. eshbetsaweee fe el ejaza ;) ?

  8. Ansam: loool!

    Laialy: There is work to be done and people are slacking! It gets on my nerves when my work is delayed!

    Mai: Shasawy! I gotta finish my work!

    fadidra: loool! I will but I still want to finish work!

    Outkasty: Ayaamich sa3eeda! :)

    Jacqui: loooool!

    Cat: Probably Riding, TV, and Relaxing!

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