Villa Moda Sale Mania


I found out that it was the Villa Moda Sale, it never really appealed to me as an event worth going to, but then at the time in the morning we were close by in the bikes.


The moment you enter the freezone you can see the hectic traffic, and every parking spot and area was full, every side walk had a car on it. Women were spewing out of the building with bags bigger then them.


There was a lot of traffic and navigation was hell, then a big crane came in and pretty much stopped any movement what so ever. Every car had to back up and we were laughing at this spectacle.


We left after spending 20 mintues there, and as soon as traffic let up we headed out and lucky for us we were on our bikes. The funny part is that people don’t seem to know there are two or three exits from Villa Moda that take you to the main road instead the exit right in front of Villa Moda.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Blekh… their prices are too much.. ya3ni a simple handbag that used to be 500 KD bet9eer 250 KD?

    Yea, right, I want something I can ruin and use up till it can’t take anymore lol not an expensive pet that I’m supposed to take care of!

  2. Where are the pictures of women fighting for bottega!?

    Worst Villa Moda sale post ever.

  3. Sin

    how come robo and pyro are both out together?:S…you’re starting to make me think you ride 2 bikes at a time ;p

  4. this place always seems to be insane when there is sales … i wouldn’t bother even if they paid me

  5. Villa Moda il-mbarkeyya shzeeenah yasfffir :P

  6. Swair: Now thats funny, use something that you can ruin! lol

    K: I didn’t dare go inside!

    vampire: Monichum!! loool!

    Sin: loool! Now that would be funny, my buddy came out with me and he is picking up riding very well.

    monichum: a very fun day!

    Laialy: I want to video tape the entrance in the beginning next time!

    Outkasty: loooool!

  7. LOL

    this is hilarious although i would NEVER do it and go there for the sake of seeing the traffic! but i think its funny

    i do not know how can people shop in crowded places OR shops! even if the shop is not so well organized & packed with stuff “like H&M” i would not shop there, i just cant! they are talented :D

  8. Q80-ChillGirl: It takes a certain skill level to go places like that and shop!

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