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Dead Creative Zen


I called Alghanim Electronics to check on the status of my Creative Zen and I got answer I wasn’t really expecting. They told me the hardware is gone and the board has to be replaced. I asked them how much it costs, they told me the cost of the unit since it has to be ordered and it isn’t covered under warranty since I got it from out of town.

I have to say that this is very frustrating, I had a feeling they might say it will take a while to fix but not like this. If the firmware is shot it just needs a clean reinstall but they need the right equipment, which it seems they do not have. The listed Creative Dealers say they don’t have Creative and they don’t even know what it is, they are Al Sarraf Electronics and they are clueless. Now I have a 60 KD paper weight to keep or a projectile weapon, at least I have my iRiver.