Dead Creative Zen


I called Alghanim Electronics to check on the status of my Creative Zen and I got answer I wasn’t really expecting. They told me the hardware is gone and the board has to be replaced. I asked them how much it costs, they told me the cost of the unit since it has to be ordered and it isn’t covered under warranty since I got it from out of town.

I have to say that this is very frustrating, I had a feeling they might say it will take a while to fix but not like this. If the firmware is shot it just needs a clean reinstall but they need the right equipment, which it seems they do not have. The listed Creative Dealers say they don’t have Creative and they don’t even know what it is, they are Al Sarraf Electronics and they are clueless. Now I have a 60 KD paper weight to keep or a projectile weapon, at least I have my iRiver.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. cant you flash the firmware yourself?

  2. Mrm

    that is so disappointing… u had just bought it they should replace it free of charge! wtf !

  3. Hmm if the board is dead and gone guess flashing the firmware wont help >

  4. “Now I have a 60 KD paper weight to keep or a projectile weapon” hahaha! (sorry)

    that sucks!

  5. Have you tried contacting the shop you bought it from in Dubai? They should at least offer a replacement at least.

    I am not surprised at Al-Ghanims’ response though. Same thing happened to a guy who came to them with a newly purchased laptop (HP!) that he bought from THEIR shop and it would’nt even start. They asked him to pay. The guy JUST bought it. Ridiculous.

    The iriver’s a keeper though.

  6. shoulda went with apple and used another program instead of itunes

  7. lfc-q8

    u got it from dubai right? when u go to dubai exchange it

  8. Lama

    Try sending email to the mother company, I had a similar problem but with HP, I sent them all the details date and place of purchase (Dubai) with invoice number and fault description, few days later someone contacted me from local distributer they offered me repair or replacement. I got replacement.

    It might work with your case ensha’Allah

  9. Try Sandisk or Zune or… something :P

  10. Mo Hat

    Why didn’t you just get an iPod, tsk tsk.

  11. TAT: I tried that already, its frozen and won’t even connect!

    Mrm: They replaced it twice, but this was bought from Dubai and they aren’t even bothering!

    EniGma: lol!

    Jacqui: Bite Me!

    Shaymaa: I did try contacting virgin they told I had to submit it by hand to get things going. Alghanim Service bad! And yes iRiver is a keeper!

    ananyah: No… not right now!

    lfc-q8: thats what I’m thinking of doing!

    Lama: I already sent an email to Creative, waiting to hear from them! Thanks for the tip, hopefully the same will be in my case!

    3baid: iRiver is great!!

    Mo Hat: Just not conforming!! lol

  12. Just pulled of my order for a Zen stone and the dealer was not too happy about it… I wanted something different from an iPod… This just tops it… Last thing I need is a dead mp3 player. I think I’ll still live and manage with my Dell Axim though…..

  13. Azariath: Good! Go buy an iRiver, its fantastic!! Seriously, its fantastic!

  14. Bleh . . . iRiver is on back order in my place !

  15. Azariath: what about Amazon, its really good! Worth the wait!

  16. Emil

    After much research I bought a Creative Zen on January 3.
    Upon arriving home, I updated the firmware which, according to Creative, was a ‘critical’ update.
    One day later it died completely. My PC could not see it and it refused to switch on.

    I took it back and it was replaced with a new one.
    Went through the whole cycle again. After one day the second one died. Same symptoms.

    My faith in the Zen is destroyed.

    Since I want an FM radio in addition to a music player, what else should I consider?

  17. Emil: I really recommend the iRiver Clix2, its fantastic and has FM Radio! Mine died just like yours! My faith in Creative music products is destroyed, I will avoid it!

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