Ducati Parts!


I tend to really like the look and feel of Carbon Fiber, and I have been trying to get the Front Fairing and Tail piece for the 1098 in Carbon Fiber since the first day I got the machine.

After exhausting all my options I came to find out that it is in shortage and in very limited supplies in the US and Europe, and due to the demand we wouldn’t be getting any pieces anytime soon. I ordered with one manufacturing company, and it turns out they were having a problem with the molding so they refunded me the money before I even knew what was going on with the order.


I tried ordering through Shift-Tech or Ducati since I knew they would be high quality carbon fiber and not the cheap kind but I just couldn’t seem to get my hands on them.

It seemed like a lost cause until they get everything right, and to my luck Tristar texted me they have some parts for me. When I was informed of what they were, I wanted them on Pyro yesterday but alas I have to be patient since they have to prepare the parts before installing them which I said is fine, I told them its ok but I would like it installed as soon as they can. I love the combination of red and carbon fiber, Pyro will look very sinister and evil.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Halicy

    nice, but too much of it could kill the legandry Ducati red color.
    i was there last nite, did u see the new Ducati cruise model?

  2. i think im first here ;)

    sure been a while!

    nothing changed much maaz .. still with mobile phones – bikes – anim – outs – 24 – and work :p

    keep it up;)

  3. nice combination…but I prefer the red look on your Ducati it makes it special!

  4. Kim

    Wow, Pyro already looks hot… add the carbon fiber and you will have one damn sexy machine on your hands.

  5. Heheh sinister and evil eh?

    More like too hot to handle :P

  6. Halicy,, what is ducati cruise !!!!!

    i hate you MARZOOOoooooouQOOOOOOooooooooooo

  7. Halicy,, what’s a ducati cruise ?!


  8. Halicy: Don’t worry, it will just look sinister! I saw the new Ducati and its very nice!

    no3ik: your 2nd! lol! always the same, just chugging along!

    Fast Lane: I’m going with the black at this point, really feeling it!

    Kim: I agree, and your a woman with taste! :)

    jewaira: I will hopefully be able to handle!!

    vampire: loooooooooooooooooooooooool! hahahaha! Monichum was at the chop when I was ordering the parts over the phone!

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