UK Embassy Conversation


This was probably one of the most interesting and surprising conversation that I have had in a long time.

I got a call in the morning and he said “hello, Mr So and So, this is So & So from the British Embassy”

Me, “Yes, Hello”

Him, “I’m calling regarding your Visa application, your Visa has been denied”

Me, “What?!? Why, what happened? Or what was wrong”

Him, “Sir, in our system you are a British National and you are entitled to the British Nationality”

Me, “What? What are you talking about, something must be very wrong.”

Him, “It says that you were born in the UK before 1983, and therefore you are a British National”

Me, “That is true, but I didn’t apply to a citizenship and I am a Kuwaiti National, and I don’t want to change that”

Him, “Sir you could apply for a different entry which is called the Certificate of Entightlement, which means you are a British National with a different passport living outside the UK.”

Me, “Is that my only option, I don’t want to do that, or pay UK Taxes”

Him, “You are exempted from Taxes, and you have to apply for that”

Me, “I have been applying for the regular Visit Visa for the past 26 years what exactly happened in the last year”

Him, “This rule has been enacted since that time, but they have gotten stricter this past year over all the rules, and it has applied to a lot of Kuwaitis who were born in the UK”

The conversation was a lot longer then that, and there was a lot of give and take with information. The gentlemen was very helpful and he pointed me to forms that I could submit directly to the embassy instead of the application center so I don’t lose paying my fee, which is 120 KD. All that they needed was my original UK Birth certificate which I had no clue where it was and it took a few hours to find it. Now they shall be giving me that little sticker in my passport which is basically an entry type which lasts as long as my passport.

First thought in my head after things became clearer later in the day, “I don’t want to serve the Queen” and “I could become James Bond”

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LoooooooooL
    more like “Jack Bond” hahaha get it Jack from 24 i’m sure you got but just incase

  2. Hellraiser

    I would like to see this one happening in Kuwait, not the nationality, but someone from the public sector having a professional meaningful conversation.

  3. D

    That’s cool mate. lol @ last line. At least it’s Bond n not butter head :P

  4. why dont you apply and get the citizenship?

  5. Just get a British Passport before they change that rule too. I’m proud that I’m Kuwaiti and all, but with a British passport you can travel to any place in the world without a Visa! Offcourse you would lose your Nationality if you get busted :)

  6. Laialy: loool! I got it! :)

    Hellraiser: Very true, you can never hold a conversation like that with somebody in the public sector, they would rather not bother with you!

    D: looool!

    Ms. D: Maybe… I will get back to you on that!

    Ansam: lol!

    Zed: Because there are other details tied to being a British Citizen such as taxes which I wouldn’t be exempt from even if you are living abroad, it affects certain things you do in the UK. I tend to travel their a lot so I don’t want anything hampering that.

  7. that was sad and funny at the same time

    Zed,, that would be stupid

  8. your final thoughts on this post, priceless!!

  9. Mrm

    lol @ i dont want to serve the queen! lol shda3wa 3ad a7ad yshoofha ow ysma3 feeha… shes a symbol nothing more…and mabrook 3al jinsiya hehehehe

  10. Hehehe you don’t want to serve the queen? Hehehe Oh well thats just one less vassal she has to not care about :P

  11. LOL!! ta7ya brai6aanya wa ya3eeesh il-marmite :P

  12. Pretty cool how life can just jump up and surprise you every now and then!

  13. i guess im next as well cause i was born there!!!

  14. So do you get the nationality be default? What happens when MOI here in Kuwait knows about your double citizenship ?

  15. hahah thats funny they are giving away british passports loool I mean why not just give them to those who actually apply for it.

    & I don’t wanna serve the queen but sadly my passport says I have too :P

  16. Does Kuwait allow you to hold another passport other than the Kuwaiti one ?

  17. That’s great Marzouq. Is it also possible for you to pass on the citizenship to your wife and kids?

  18. @jewaira: Marzouq seems so attractive to you now, doesn’t he? :P

  19. Marzouq: Cool. You can be the next 007 now! We might be seeing your movies soon!

    mishref: LOL!

  20. vampire: yup!

    MSB: loool!

    Mrm: You would be surprised!!! loooool! MI6 & MI5 are under her fingers!!

    EniGma: looool!

    Jacqui: I am no vassal! Secondly! Off With Your HEAD!

    Outkasty: looooool!

    Intlxpatr: Very true!

    Amer: If your getting it then I don’t want it!

    mishref: You do based on their law, if MOI finds out they withdraw your Kuwaiti passport or you have to give them the UK passport, its a bit silly.

    ananyah: Ur scottish you don’t count!

    Amjad: no, just one!

    jewaira: yes to the kids, no to the wife. But I didn’t get it, I’m refusing to get it!

    mishref: hahaha!

    Maze: No Thanks!!!! lol

    Midoe: I’m Jack Bauer’s subordinate o bes!!!

  21. Wow, born in the UK.

    So did you inherit the british accent?

  22. jewaira

    I’m already taken for one and I think I would have more than a British passport to offer :P

    I was just wondering you know, if that would be on his list of attributes as a Full-Option Kuwaiti ;)

  23. Cajie: not really! I can switch it on and off! its a terrible accent!

    jewaira: That is true! You are currently taken! :) And I don’t care what the attributes are, I just want my Kuwaiti ones! :)

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