Movie Line Up


Since I have some time this weekend I’m trying to download as many shows as possible to enjoy over this period:

  • Mr. Woodcock
  • The Seeker
  • Shoot Em Up
  • Blonde Ambition
  • Resident Evil Extinction
  • The Heart Break Kid
  • The Kingdom
  • Eastern Promise
  • The Flock
  • Stardust

There are some movies that I really want to watch, and some that I have found interesting and I want to have a selection to choose from. I’m looking forward to Stardust but I will watch that on my own since its a little too much fantasy for some of the guys.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hellraiser

    My top favorite is shoot them up, one kick ass movie, forget about the plot its gun smoking to the max. Resident evil is slow, probably after shoot them up anything you see is slow, so I recommend you see it at the end of the line up.

  2. Eastern Promises is epic, it has my seal of approval.
    Viggo Mort. kicks ass.

  3. YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE “REIGN OVER ME”. It is a fantastic movie. Really good one.

  4. Hellraiser: I have seen it already, the action is fantastic! Its just damn fast paced and Monica Belluci is hot!

    moodi: Great, I’m looking forward to them!

    KWT23: I already have it on DVD, going to watch it later!

  5. momo

    what program do you use to download shows ?

  6. Eastern Promises is amaaaaaazing.
    Mr Woodcock sucks. (ambaih sounds dirty!)
    Stardust i looooooooved!
    The Kingdom is so stereotyping that I hated it. The action is cool though.
    The Heartbreak Kid is the worst Ben Stiller movie I’ve seen.

    The rest ma shift’hum. Shrayik feeni wana a36eek a 20 second summary :p

  7. In the rare case you have not watched these already, I would recommend adding these to your list:
    Fracture (Watchable)
    Death At A Funeral (Hilarious)
    Wild Seven (Reminds me of a lot of other movies)
    88 Minutes (Watchable)
    The Hoax (Slow, but watchable)
    Dynamite Warrior (This last one is a damn funny thing to watch)……. Azereus, hmmm it kinda keeps the proc and mem running hard … I jumped to uTorrent some time ago. Like it better than Azereus.

  8. mono: Azureus, its really good!

    This Lady: Fantastic Summary!! but I really liked The Kingdom, seriously the action and they portrayed arabs as decent people for once they separated the nut cases from normal people.

    Laialy: cant’ wait to watch it!

    Azariath: Fracture (watched it), Death At A Funeral (Sounds good), Wild Seven (Will Check it out), 88 minutes (will check it out), The Hoax ( Watched it, and bored of it), Dynamite (Will check it out), Azureus does the job for me its relatively light for me!

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