Santiago Skull Helmet


I like motorcycle helmets, and I think they have a certain charm or feeling to them. When I wear a helmet I feel that I am one with the machine and different from those around me. But this helmet is something else, this gives mean a new meaning, if you wear this helmet then you must kill someone or have killed someone.

Doesn’t matter what your riding with this helmet on, just know that nobody will look you in th eye.

Link: OhGizmo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. seems like the kind of hat that can posses the person wearing it (mas shay6any)

  2. plz don’t tell me this is on ur wishlist! it looks funny to me :P

  3. Ms. D: looool! Could be!

    KWT23: Its not, it just looks cool! lol!

  4. how about safety Marzouq? shouldn’t that be on the top of ur list?

  5. I would dye laughing if i see a motorcyclist next to me wearing this!

  6. Kim

    If you set it ablaze you could look like the Ghost Rider!

  7. jewaira

    Marzouq I think you would look really mean and sexy in that helmet. I would encourage you to get it ;)

  8. Hellraiser

    That would look cool on my Harley!

  9. LooooooooooL
    now that is just insane …. it looks more like something to wear on holloween not while riding !!!!

  10. Groovy stuff . . . . . All you need is a pair of red tinted shades (however you manage to fit them below the helmet) and you are all set to look . . . . . well . . urr . . .Ahem !

  11. This Lady: Its always at the top of the list!

    EnigMa: You won’t be laughing when he sticks his arm through your window!!! lol

    Kim: I would rather not be ablaze!!! lol

    jewaira: looooooooool! Yeah, and I would also be the target of every bedoin in Kuwait!

    Hellraiser: It would be perfect, wear it at your own risk!

    Laialy: looool! It does the job!

    Azariath: loooooooool!

  12. Ricky

    Where can I buy one?

  13. sebastien

    yes: where can we have one? That helmet is just fantastic !!
    It looks it comes straight from a star war/apocalypse now movie.

  14. Ricky: You can find it online for sure!

    sebastien: I think you can find it at the link!

  15. lordofdaroad

    where do i get my hands on this crazy helmet

  16. red

    where can i get one of these great lookin helmets

  17. Santini

    Does it have a dot sticker on it? And I wear a 7 15/16 ish xtra lg brain bucket will it fit?

  18. HOMERO


  19. jimmy nagotko

    thats cool. just like harley davidson motorcycles. and who gives about safety?!!!!

  20. jimmy nagotko

    My mini harley at home could use one of those.[and an oil change].and by the way, were can i get one of those things?

  21. aj

    how can i buy this helmet its dam

  22. adam

    i want this helmet for my streeeet bob

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