Star Trek DVDs


For the Treki in all of us this only applies to those who love science fiction movies and television series. Star Trek has a following just like Star Wars, but they have a lot more stories involved with different twists.

I have my cousin as source of Star Trek media, but if you don’t have a source then this is for you:

The series I’m going to be following now is Star Trek Enterprise since I keep hearing its good but I don’t have the time.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. i’ve never been a STAR TREK fan (nor a STAR WARS fan for that matter) :S

  2. It annoys me when I buy the seasons separately and then the whole series comes out grrrrrrr!!!

  3. KWT23: Its just amazing, if you like Sci-Fi!

    ShoSho: I agree 100%!! It drives me nuts!!

  4. Mo Hat

    StarGATE ftw. SG-1 forever.

  5. Mo Hat: Both are good!

    Mark: You don’t even know!!!

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