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Early Ride


The best time to ride is when there isn’t a lot of people out on the roads and the cool weather just makes it better. I get worked up on the bike when I hear the engine roaring and the right type of music in my ears, it just couldn’t get better then that. I got used to riding with others, and I haven’t ridden solo for a while now, it was different since I’m used to looking for my friend and others riding. This time I was going a little nuts, as long as the roads were empty.


As I was riding I saw one idiot riding without a helmet, then he started hitting on a girl as he was riding. That sort of thing is insulting to me since he is the type of person to ruin riders’ reputation and giving us a bad name. Its fine enjoying the ride and going fast, but its stupid what they do, so I flew by him like a demon to scare him crapless and then at the light I would take off knowing that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. It boils my blood seeing idiots like that, but at least I made him look like an idiot a couple of times on the road.