Early Ride


The best time to ride is when there isn’t a lot of people out on the roads and the cool weather just makes it better. I get worked up on the bike when I hear the engine roaring and the right type of music in my ears, it just couldn’t get better then that. I got used to riding with others, and I haven’t ridden solo for a while now, it was different since I’m used to looking for my friend and others riding. This time I was going a little nuts, as long as the roads were empty.


As I was riding I saw one idiot riding without a helmet, then he started hitting on a girl as he was riding. That sort of thing is insulting to me since he is the type of person to ruin riders’ reputation and giving us a bad name. Its fine enjoying the ride and going fast, but its stupid what they do, so I flew by him like a demon to scare him crapless and then at the light I would take off knowing that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. It boils my blood seeing idiots like that, but at least I made him look like an idiot a couple of times on the road.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mpJs

    Excellent, good you smoked that ass!
    BTW. how many photos have you took of pyro. Just interested in knowing the mumber! :)

  2. you should’ve gave that idiot a deathly stare @@

  3. mpJs: 500+ at least!

    Laialy: I wanted to beat him with a stick!

    ananyah: Seriously!

    Ansam: Next time, beat with stick!

  4. jewaira

    love the way all the streets looks empty or less crowded. Hmmm, isn’t there a way to keep it like this for longer ?

  5. Faisal: thanks! you too!

    jewaira: I wish that was possible, how bout keeping some of the unwanted people in their homes! lol

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