Reebok Voltron Shoes


I can’t believe what Reebok has done, its genius! They have come up with the Reebok Voltron Shoes, you pick from the Reebok Voltron Pack and with each shoe you buy you get the corresponding limited-edition action figure, you have to buy all five pairs to the make the Voltron super robot. I think I might get the red one.


  • Reebok Voltron Pack Court Victory – Black Tiger ($125)
  • Reebok Voltron Pack Insta Pump Fury – Red Tiger ($135)
  • Reebok Voltron Pack ERS Racer – Green Tiger ($80)
  • Reebok Voltron Pack Ventilator – Blue Tiger ($80)
  • Reebok Voltron Pack Omni Pump -Yellow Tiger ($100)


Link: UnCrate

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  1. i was 100% sure that either u or mark will post about these!! i read about them at gizmodo.

  2. now those are neat .. the blue ones especially … auh this reminds me of my childhood

    LoooooooooL @ vampire

  3. Guessitdoesntmatter

    I like them all hehe

  4. vampire: lol!

    KWT23: looool!

    Laialy: loooooooooooooool!

    Guessitdoesntmatter: It matters!! lol!

  5. Oh I thought that was Power rangers!!! lol

    Go Go Power rangers…

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangerrrrrrrrrssssss!!!

  6. jewaira

    If you do get a pair, don’t go believing you’ve got superpowers ok?

  7. Guessitdoesntmatter

    lol I don’t know, I had the impression that it didn’t matter really ;) Get the red one it’s cool and I would just love to see the superpower lol

  8. ShoSho: looool! shakhbaree! I was just watching it with my nephew, I couldn’t believe I liked them!

    jewaira: Don’t worry I will only fly!!

    Guessitdoesntmatter: lol! I will see what the red one does!

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