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Menial Tasks


This has been a good week since I have been organizing a few things, and multitasking as well.

Tasks being worked on:

  • I have had a large amount of magazines to read over the past couple of months, the pile has gotten so big that I have lost track of what motorcycle magazine I have read and which I haven’t. So I have been going through them trying to remember if I did, and if I did I would put them in a while. I also got rid of some old magazines to clean up the areas on my couch and around my desk. I have been successful in this task, the mountains of magazines have decreased a lot over the past couple of days.
  • I have been organizing a lot of the time I have on my computer and moving them around to the appropriate area as well as archiving series, anime, and movies that I have watched. I have emptied out some space while keeping things more organized and accessible on my PCs.
  • I have checked on the latest episodes of anime, TV series and movies that I have and I felt like I haven’t downloaded in a while. So I went on a downloading rampage for the past couple of days taking full advantage of my bandwidths. This has worked very well since my anime stash is stocked up and my TV Stash is stocked up.
  • While organizing the files, I have been listening to all the CDs I have and ripping their music to my computer. After finishing with a CD I take up stairs to storage so that it doesn’t take up any space. I have the music that I want, and the CD case won’t be taking up any space when I put it in storage.

A few more things to organize but this is always an on going task, the moment everything is nice and organized, things get messy again, a continuous process.