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Review: Superman – Doomsday


I was really looking forward to this movie when I first heard about it, the first book I read voluntarily was called “The Life and Death of Superman”. That book moved me so much, I felt extremely sad when Superman passed away and the build up of it was amazing, I didn’t know before that how much words and a book could move you. And this animated movie was about the same story, but it was such a disappointment.


I’m happy I watched the animation because I got pulled into the story, but it had no depth to it. With this original story there was a huge build up to the death of superman and there were so many superheroes, so I was disappointed how they shortened the whole story. And I have gotten used to the animation from Justice League unlimited which was extremely well done, but in this movie it felt like they didn’t fine tune any of the graphics and animation which showed the quality of work. I was looking forward to a good story and amazing animation, but what I got was a butchered version.

Link: IMDB