Review: The Game Plan


I have always been a fan of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in the movies, I always like the attitude he brings to the movies and the characters he plays. And this movie is no different, I enjoy football and The Rock plays a football player for the Boston Rebels. He is the star quarterback of the team and he is also full of himself, as things were taking off for him he finds out that he has a daughter and things go differently from there. The movie is very entertaining and light hearted, you keep enjoying the moments, and Roselin Sanchez is in the movie and she is one beautiful Latin actress thats an addition to this movie. The situation progresses and The Rock finds out the truth about his daughter, and before he realizes it he is a changed man. A heart warming movie, and a great movie to watch.



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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That movie was great.. I took my brother to watch it and it was just hilarious!

  2. never really had any interest for this movie. Looks like it sucks big time.

  3. although it looks like a teeny-bopper movie, i still wanna see it.. football and the Rock in one movie, u cant go wrong!

  4. I really liked his apartment in the movie and the bathtub WOW. I like the Rock but I have seen better movies of his, but this was allright

  5. Shaymaa: I agree it was hilarious!

    KWT23: It doesn’t its pretty good!

    MSB: I agree!!

    Laialy: Its enjoyable! check it out!

    maryam: Its too modern for my tastes, all looks and no comfort. I agree he has done better but this is entertaining !

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