Everlast Desktop Speed Bag


This is probably one of the coolest office accessories I have seen. I have always liked punching bags, its probably a male thing after watching Rocky when we were kids. So this would be the perfect desk accessory when having a discussion with someone. Either you convince them about what your talking about, or you let your fists do the talking.

Price: $32

Link: UnCrate

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  1. jewaira

    What if you were strong and powerful and really sent the desktop punching bag into someone’s face? Then what? :-p

  2. Kim

    @jewaira: Then this desktop toy would go from funny to hilarious lool.

    This looks really cool ….if only I could find my desk under the stacks of paperwork and notebooks.

  3. You know I need one of those badly! Dont you!! heehee

  4. TRiPLE M: yup!

    Mai: yup!

    Laialy: Really! Now thats cool!

    jewaira: Well.. then you win! lol

    Kim: loooool! I can imagine how much paperwork you have on your desk!

    Ansam: haha.. you need a bat, not a punching bag!

  5. The could replace the small sponge ball, the one you squeeze when stressed out. But how would you look when someone passes by and you’re taking a swing at it!!! Stay Away ;P

  6. EniGma: lol! That would be hilarious!

    maryam: haha, I don’t think they would come in!

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