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The Monichum Slide


Today’s ride was cut short, we just filled up at Miseela Gas station and were heading down the Gulf Road. As we were riding we decided to make a U turn at the Bide’a round about to head towards Julai’a to avoid a lot of cars. I was watching Monichum from my rear view mirror and the round about was relatively empty and we were taking it easy, so I looked back and saw him following me.


Then I headed down the road, and I couldn’t see him in my rear view mirror. I waited for a minute and then I knew something was wrong so I made an illegal U turn and flew back to find him pushing the bike to side walk. I parked the bike, and I asked him what happened since he was going so slow, what could have happened.


He told me he slipped on a stain on the ground which turned out to be a large oil stain. He said suddenly the back end of the bike was going out from under him and before he realized it he was spinning on the ground. He let go of the bike which is an important part of him not being hurt much except for a few bruises and a bruised pride. Lucky for him the car that saw him blocked off the round about with his car, so that nobody would hit him which was great of him.


I was happy as hell nothing happened to him, he just kept apologizing since he was riding Robo. Robo took the fall like a champ, because of the armor at the bottom it kept the bulk of the fall off his leg, which is the exact reason for the protection and so that bike doesn’t get harmed. A few parts were broken or scratched, so they just need to be replaced, it will take a little while to get all the parts so thats all its going to take to fix them.


I called the Tristar guys, but it was slim chance since it was 9:30 am on Thursday morning on Eid. Luckly for me I got one of the guys and within 30 minutes the Tristar van was there to take the bike. The most amazing thing was that two police cars passed us by for the hour and half we were there and they didn’t bother to talk to us or ask if anything is wrong. I’m honestly shocked at their lack of help, and even if nothing was wrong we were stopped illegally and they didn’t say a word. One of those police cars stopped on the round about for 45 minutes and didn’t say a word to us, I was pissed. Tristar reacted better then the damn Police!


The funny part is Monichum wanted to go riding, so he wanted to go get his bike. I told him his enthusiasm is great but he shouldn’t be riding for the rest of the day until he gets it in his head exactly what happened. He felt like a new man later in the day, but he felt the bruises. He was happy he was wearing his jacket, now he wants more gear and real racing boats not the shoes he was wearing. Now he wants to ride more then ever, and I’m just happy that he is fine and nothing bad happened. Robo is out of commission for a little while.