Dymo DiscPainter


I have seen disc printers for a while now, I remember trying them back in the day and trying to stick whatever I printed onto the disc and it was a mess. The Dymo DiscPainter is the first Disc printer that I have seen that really does the job, it integrates with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or the included Dymo Discus software. It features Rapid Print technology meaning it can print onto a DVD or CD while the disc is spinning and the whole printing process takes about one minute.

This is a great product, but I only burn DVDs and CDs once in a while these days since everything is hooked up to the entertainment center, but its still a very good product.

Price: $280

Link: UnCrate

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  1. cool, but dont u think it’s a little overpriced?

  2. is it really necessary? whats wrong with taking a sharpi to the CD :p

  3. cool products, I can’t imagine having all these gadgets.. this.. and a million external devices.. when does it hend!

  4. Delphi

    I own a DiscPainter and it works like a champ. Fast, easy, and best of all, it actually makes great looking full color disc labels. If anyone truly needs professional looking disc labels this is the only disc printer on the market that actual does so with out junky Mickey Mouse headaches to go along with it.

  5. KWT23: yeah it is, but it does its purpose!

    Laialy: If you want a professional looking CD then this is it!

    N: It will never end!!! lol

    Delphi: Thank you for letting us know, it is good to know how people like it!

    rashisha: Amazon is your friend!

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