Camels in Wafra


While in Wafra I took my camera kit with me since its really nice just taking photos around that area. Turns out a friend of mine is also obssessed with taking pictures so we decide to head out in the Landcruiser and go see where we can take photographs. So we headed towards a herd of camels, taking photos of them and getting closer every 5 minutes.


I have to say that camels are one of the funniest animals I have seen, when looking at them I can tell they know exactly whats going on but they don’t care. The camel herder didn’t really mind what we were doing since we seemed harmless to him. There were at least 60 to 70 camels just grazing in that area, we moved around a few times to get the sun light in the direction we wanted.


After a little while we decided to get up close and personal with these guys. I thought at least 10 meters away to get the right photo, so I was behind the lens and kept taking pictures. Some of them moved away and some got closer. I was using a wide-angle lens towards the end and we kept getting close, I was getting some very nice pictures and these guys were just making me laugh. I could see my friend circling around and taking other pictures.


At one point my friend told me “Marzouq, the camel is 10 centimeters away from your lens”, but from behind the lens he looked like he was a couple of meters away. When I look up from the camera the camel was right in my face, curious of the camera so I kept snapping away. At one point went around the camera, and lets just say the big guy likes me. It was a fantastic day, and I really do love those camels.










































A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. camels are majestic creatures! sub7an allah when u take one from the herd u can see the rest of the herd tearing! ow they make sounds as in “no no no dont take him away nooo”.. i was prolly 8 when i 1st saw this scene and it still touches me

  2. Mashallah great shots, I like (img-157)!!

  3. WOW nice snaps… what kinda camera are you using?
    And these are pictures of big boss LOL you know what I mean :-P

  4. very nice pictures… i love looking at camels and spending time in deserts or open area..

    this is exactly how i spent my Eid for this year in some place in no where in the desert far away from kuwait but i really enjoyed camping there with my closest friends … tracking foot prints of the night visitor “jarbo3” and counting the lost camels around us :)

    thanks for these pictures they are really marvelous and nice way to spend your time..

    i admire everyone who has respect for animals and love them :)

  5. Great shots, beware of those media thieves, who’ll probably grab your pictures and shove them in an ad or on the newspaper somewhere LOL!

    Loved the Camel’s nose ;P

  6. Those are some really marvellous pictures of the Camels. Graceful animals, and you did an excellent job with these majestic models.

  7. SoS

    Wow! very beautiful and peaceful animals.

  8. Guessitdoesntmatter

    lol Loved them all =)

  9. very nice, i enjoyed lookin at every pic esp #37 LOOOOOOL, hathey 3aad Miss Camel ’08

  10. loool…CAMELS :P …. they make me laugh too. Nothing better than Marzouq posting 20+ pics of camels for us to enjoy :P

  11. loooooool @ the closeups! Good job man, those are awesome! :)

  12. knafa

    dude you have such a nice artistic feeling with these pictures .

    good job :)

  13. Heehee.. camels r so funny. they have cute ugly dumb faces!

  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL okhoy egolek, #37 khashma chena logo mercedes LOL

  15. i love camels
    ur rite their hilarious
    i try to go camel riding whenever i can
    which is not often enough!

  16. vanda

    wow..amazing..i love animals. i’d kiss kiss kiss the camels :) my cats will be jealous lol

  17. marzouq!!!!!!!! those pictures were soooooo neat it looked like a complete story and the clouds are just amazing
    great job! but daaaaaaaaaamn camels are ugly

  18. Ms. D: They are amazing creatures thats for sure, and they are very connected with each other!

    Shaymaa: lol! They are some funny shots!

    Ansam: I was using a Canon Rebel XT! looool!

    : That is a fantastic eid vacation for a lot of people, you come back refreshed!

    Jacqui: I know what you mean! The camel had a funny look to him!

    cajie: I honestly thought that I could have done better, some were ok and some were great, I just need to get more practice.

    SoS: yes!

    Guessitdoesntmatter: lol

    Outkasty: looooool! I think its a guy!

    KWT23: hahaha!

    N: It was funny close ups!

    knafa: Thanks, they were easy subjects!

    this lady: Only a mother could love!

    vampire: Thanks, but I think that is all! lol

    Outkasty: loooool!

    eshda3wa: I haven’t gone camel riding in over a decade! They are beautiful animals though!

    vanda: looool! I don’t really kiss a camel!

    Laialy: Thanks! looool! The camels are funny looking!

  19. jewaira

    Those photos are great especially the close ups :-)

  20. Good photography… you should put it up on Flickr (I am guessing you already did)……. Camel…. one real example of evolution and differing from most, I think it is a cute animal.

  21. jewaira: Thanks!

    Azariath: I think its a cute ugly animal! I will be uploading it to flickr with a few other pictures!

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