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I have been catching up with my reading the past two weeks. I want to read some new books, and I want to finish the books I started a few months back. Now I’m reading the books I want to read so that I can enjoy them. A great book is the one that pulls you in and you get immersed by it so much so that you don’t want to put it down.

  • 24: Behind the Scenes
  • Founders At Work – Jessica Livingston
  • Brand Failures – Matt Haig
  • Samurai – Hightman

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It’d be cool if you sum up a short review of the books you finish :)

  2. lool, all books i’ve never heard of before :P … btw: did u notice that u’re close to a million hits?! – mashalla – i went crazy when i reached 500 :P

  3. I need to get started on my books! How’s 24 behind the scenes anything interesting?

  4. i cant read more than one book at once
    it has to be total indimaaaj

  5. Shaymaa: I do that, but I don’t think they are short!

    KWT23: I didn’t really notice how hits! Just chugging along!

    N: ITS FANTASTIC!! I keeping my exciement in, I’m going to write a full review!

    eshda3wa: I can just switch the indimaaj on and off!

    Laialy: I didn’t used to read more then one book at a time, but then I just wanted to read these other books as well. And I didn’t seem to have an issue!

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