Pyro Out of Commission


Pyro is out of commission for at least the next two weeks, this is a nice nail that has safely entered my rear tire.

I’m going to call Tristar when this vacation is over to see how fast they can order a new rear tire for me.


Thankfully vampire noticed the nail I had while we were stopped at the last gas station, and I was lucky it entered at a sideways angle. It was probably entered the tire while I was on a turn, its the only way it enters.

Now they will fit the carbon fiber front fairing and tail piece while they get a new tire.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Talking about tires! What evere happened to the rear tires to your M6?

  2. good thing u made it home safely

    hope robo will be ready when pyro’s not :) “

  3. lfc-q8

    u can always patch it till the new tire arrives

  4. Ouch, I hate it when that happens. Lol, In lebanon there was this dude that would bring up his escalade (he was so full of himself) and park it in our parking. So I put a nail in his tires :P – – never knew what happened to him :P

  5. a break is always good hehe

  6. Uh Oh ! That has to suck…. You are lucky in a way. You didn’t have my friend’s experience. His old Katana’s rear tyre blew up when he was riding and worse in a curve. Dude spent sometime with the quack. You are lucky.

  7. Al7amdillah he noticed .. hope you get pyro running soon :)

  8. Halicy

    U dont need a new tire buddy, its tubeless. a small patch inside out is more than enough. Just 2 days ago i had 2 nails in the back tier of my dirt bike, just patch it and keep goin :)

  9. Stallion: The back are fine, I need the front ones!!!

    vampire: Inshalla things will be sorted out with both of them!

    lfc-q8: I’m not sure about this one.

    KWT23: looool! Now thats hateful!

    Ansam: alah esalmich!

    N: Not from riding!! lol!

    Azariath: I agree 100%! 7amdilla it didn’t pop or anything like that! Katana, thats an old bike!

    Laialy: yup, 7amdilla he noticed! I want both bikes operational!

  10. Yes, the Katana is an old bike. I tease my friend calling it a vintage. Sadly enough, Indian roads are not build for these bikes… I nearly killed myself on a Yam R6 very recently, some foolish car driver in a 800c car tried to block me off.

  11. Azariath: I know what you mean, in India its too crowded the streets aren’t really meant for high speed riding.

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