Slow Start


It was a funny ride this day, we had a slow start to the morning and it seems everyone was groggy. We wanted to start riding from 9:30 am onwards but even with all the phone calls we didn’t start riding until 10:20 am. We weren’t sure of the direction we wanted to go but Monichum wanted to head towards the beach houses.


So we headed out in that direction going straight for the Starbucks to get warmed up. It was windy and we were shivering to death, but you could see the smiles on our faces on that cold morning. Monichum and I were riding at a constant speed, then we entered from Mina Abdulla to enjoy the inside roads. We were having a blast on this ride, and the roads were relatively empty on the way there.


Then vampire called us and we convinced him to join us, and we was there extremely faster then we expected. We all ordered something warm to drink and to eat. I had a lot of hot chocolate which wasn’t goo at all at starbucks, for some reason its either too chocolaty or too milky for my taste.


Then we started heading back after relaxing their and warming up for a while. When we headed out we took our time, and we were enjoying the ride in an orderly fashion, we kept in formation most of the way which was a good thing and you could see improvements in people’s riding. Then there was this one idiot in Kia who was going nuts on the road.


This guy in the Kia thought he owned the road so he was tailgating every car on the road on the left lane. Then he came up on vampire and he almost hit him when their was a lot of traffic. I was going nuts, luckily vampire avoided him and fell back to us, when I saw that vampire and monichum were together, I made a signal meaning I’m taking off. I flew like a demon with a vengence towards that bastard in the Kia, I was so pissed I wanted to kill him. He was trying to go faster but I was easily following him, and I was in the right light doing things which aren’t considered sane just to keep up with him in all the traffic. I was side by side to him from Manguf all the way to Fintas, it was a chase and I was going to stop until either I run out of gas or I beat this guy senseless. At fintas he took a quick exit and I still followed him, then I was expecting him to stop we headed I started shouting at him to get out of his car so that I could beat some sense into him. He was wearing some pyjamas and said “Whats wrong with you?!?!?” with an attitude while he was creating havoc on the road. I told him to get out, then he took off again and I was stopped with Monichum and Vampire so we decided head back to civilization, but I still wished he stepped out of his car. What an adventure of a day.









A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Marzouq,, u stop following cars and shouting at them,, one day a moron will do something real bad,, take it easy man

  2. Man.. ma teswa yelef 3alek.. all of those idiots are assholes.. and they do deserve to be beaten, you should have followed him silently, them ambushed him when he parked.. ahem yeah!

  3. JoJo

    A biker is more exposed than a car driver so the golden rule is avoid arguing with a car while riding !! If an accident happens or caused to happen it is likely that the biker will get hurt and the driver wil get away with it so,,,,,keep your cool and avoid contact.

  4. Allah yahdeeh 9a7eb el Kia some people just need to chillax

  5. vampire: I agree, but that guy really got my blood boiling!

    N: looool! Ambush, I didn’t plan that far ahead!

    JoJo: I agree, but still it was frustrating!

    Laialy: He needs a beat down!!!

  6. Kim

    It’s times like this i bet you wish you had that skull helmet.

    Mabye you didn’t get to beat the tar out of this guy, but you can take comfort in the fact that he is still some wus driving a Kia wearing his Pj’s. Isn’t that punishment enough?

  7. Kim: looool! don’t know about the skull helmet though! I know it is punishment, but next time I beat him with a stick!! :)

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