Impromptu Trip


This is going to be a roller coaster of a trip, I haven’t had time to sit and think about this whole coming trip but it seems its going to be a big one.

This trip is in two phases and multiple flights because everything is booked up in every direction, so this trip turned out to be patch work and it is going to be funny and hectic.

Phase One:

Going to Egypt for my best friend’s wedding.

His engagement party was in July that I went to with a few guys, and this time about 16 guys from the states are flying in for his wedding in Egypt, and some of them have never been to this side of the world before.

Going to be there for three days, then taking a few of the guys to Dubai for New Years, I have never been in Dubai for New Years but probably more to do there then most places for people visiting the Middle East. The funny part is that because the flights are all booked up from Cairo to Dubai so we are flying out of Alexandria, so the day after the wedding we have to drive to Alexandria to catch the 1:00pm flight to Dubai, and its a 2 – 3 hour drive. We are going to be five guys in total, and this is going to be a hilarious adventure.

Phase Two:

We are staying in Dubai for 6 days, and I’m planning on taking them to the Safari and doing a full tour of Dubai for them to enjoy. Some of the guys want to go golfing, and I don’t mind doing that since I haven’t been golfing in a while.

Of course going to Dubai is costing an arm and a leg, so we are working out the details of everything.

Map Breakdown:

  • Blue: My Flight Plan
  • Green: The Guys Arriving from the US Trip
  • Orange: Return for one of the guys back to Cairo for a few more days of vacation
  • Red: Return for the rest of the guys back to the US

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. got any extra room for 1 more?? :D

  2. got any extra room for 1 more? :D

  3. i commented, twice, but ur blog decided to eat up my comment.. yamkin it thought it was spam! :/

  4. that sounds like FUN FUN FUN :)
    I hope everything goes as planned

  5. Lo26aa

    where you gonna stay in dubai !!

  6. looks like one hell of an adventure. Have fun! oo latinsa to take pictures 3ashan u post them so we can see :P

  7. I highly recommend : Kempinski Hotel (Dubai), Safir al-zamalik (Egypt)

  8. Sounds like ur going to have so much fun. Enjoy ur trip man!

  9. wanasaa
    hope u guys have a blast!
    i demand lots of pictures!

  10. jewaira

    Have a wonderful trip Marzouq. It sounds like quite a bash :-)

  11. have fun bro n happy new year too…:)

  12. Enjoy your trip I’m also heading out to dubai very soon!

  13. MSB: loool! Too many idiots! And I got it out of the back end!

    Laialy: yup it is, its hectic!! Thanks!

    Lo26aa: Grosvenor House!

    KWT23: Lots of pics, just gotta organize them!

    Outkasty: Grosvenor and Four Seasons! Thats it!

    Jacqui: thanks! It iwll be!

    Midoe: Thanks! :)

    eshda3wa: I will be posting a lot of pictures!!! :)

    jewaira: Thanks, it is turning out to be that way!

    Maze: Thanks! You too!

    N: Thanks! What you doing here?

  14. I haven’t been to Dubai in probably 10 years, so I haven’t really seen what its like. Mostly its going to be an exploration trip. For 4 days I don’t think it would be enough though.

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