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Review: Stardust


This is one of those sci-fi fantasy movies that I have been looking forward to seeing for a while now. The story follows the life of Tristan Thorn who is told never to cross the wall of the town, when he is trying to convince a woman to be his wife. When he crosses over he finds a land filled with magic, and he goes to the star that he promised his woman to be. He followed the star into the other realm, and when he arrives he discover Yvain (Claire Daines) to be the star, and travels with Yvain throughout the land to return home while being chased by a witch (Michelle Pfieffer).


 This movie is filled with talented actors and they play their roles perfectly. The love interest of Tristan is Victoria played by Sienna Miller. Robert Deniro plays Captain Shakespeare, one of the other entertaining actors in this movie. The story is entertaining with the right combination of actors to bring it to life. 

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