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I have been wanting to go see a movie specifically in the VIP section of the cinema for a while now, but I haven’t had the chance except for the other day. We kept hearing how good it is and how people are comparing it to the Gold Class of Dubai.

We were five guys who went to go see this movie, and we weren’t sure what to expect but we knew were going to enjoy ourselves. The entrance and the new cinema is very nice, and it seems they understood that they can make the movies more entertaining which better visuals and design which is what they did.

The VIP section is a little ways down the hall, and when we entered they had their own stand for food which is a good start, I didn’t have high expectations for the service.

Then we entered the movie theater and it was nicely designed so that only a certain number of people would go see the movie, its good to keep the riff raff out. I was disappointed by the seat that they chose, whats the use of it being electric if it doesn’t go all the way. The one in Dubai is much more comfortable and cozy, you really sink in and you can sit any way you like. The seat in Dubai can almost go completely flat but the one in Kuwait is limited to a certain degree which was a bit disappointing.

The service was bad just as I expected, they only had the usual items but what was worse is that they were charging an arm and a leg for the normal items such as popcorn and drinks. It took the gentlemen 20 minutes for us just to get drinks and popcorn when it would have taken me 5 minutes if I went myself. It feels like they did a lot for the look of the VIP, but they didn’t get the seats right and cut it short at the service, people are willing to spend 8 KD or 10 KD if the service is great as they tell because the VIP is always sold out. At least this is better then what we had before, but still a disappointment.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. why after reading this post all i could think of was “typical”
    q8 really hasn’t excelled in the service area, other than Tristar :p

  2. When you first walk into the Avenues cinema, where the marble is black, the lights reflect on it, making it somewhat mirror like, so if a girl is wearing a skirt, the person walking behind her can see the skirt! Bad planning on their part.

  3. Laialy: it is just something they have to work on!

    Chirp: I never even thought that type of thing is possible! Wow, thats bad!

  4. I never go to the cinema now you gave me an even better reason.

  5. I have never been to Gold Class Dubai, but I will check it out when I go there enshalla. Since I don’t have anything to compare it to, I like it. It isn’t that bad, the chairs are big and comfy, which isn’t bad. If they were comfortable it would be better i suppose. The service does suck a little. We ordered the food outside, and they brought the items inside when the movie was about to start. We had to pay when he brought the food which is a bad idea. I like the theater though, very calming and less people means easier to concentrate and have a good time.

  6. It’s better than nothing, maybe they will step up the service a little later on. – i hope :P

  7. You should go check the 180 degrees reclining leather seats they have
    at Metro Adlabs cinema in Mumbai. Metro goes the whole distance
    and not just figuratively, giving an altogether new spin to watching film, any position you please barring the missionary position, if you know what I mean. The only reason I can think of why seats here don’t do a Gold Class is prolly because some sad person deemed reclining seats in the movies a wee bit un-Islamic for local taste.

  8. Reading this comparative entry on Gold Star Dubai v.
    VIP cinema, Avenues reminds me of what my friend
    used to say to me – You can win life by all means… yes,
    if you simply avoid two things : comparing and expecting.
    Don’t mean this as a slight to you because more than anyone else yours truly needs to constantly keep reminding himself of this.

  9. TAT: hahaha!

    N: Very true, calm and less people is a plus!!

    KWT23: I hope so too!

    The Namesake: Really I have never heard of those seats. I remember it being a huge theater!

    me talk dirty one day: The thing is you have to improve, and comparing is one of the tools to gauge what is being done. When they charge you this amount, you have to expect more.

  10. Sarah

    I came to Kuwait for vacations to see my aunt from America and we decided to go for a movie to the Avenuse and i was pretty shocked to here the price of popcorn. I mean for a really common item like popcorn and the shocker was that there was a huge line waiting to buy it :0

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