Too Early


This flight was really too early, I slept at 1:00 am and woke up at 3:45 am to make sure I had everything packed up. I left the house around 6:05 am to check in into my 7:30 am flight. It is the first time I fly Gulf Air and I kept hearing a lot of horror stories about how its worse then Kuwait Airways, so I was preparing myself for a shock. I’m just hoping they don’t lose my bags, its always worring when its a connecting flught.


I got onto the plane which wasn’t too full and it was a very easy flight. I have to stay for what the plane was lacking the staff made up for it in attitude, they were very nice and courteous unlike my experience on Kuwait Airways. The plane felt like it was stuck between the 80s and 70s in style and functionality, I haven’t used a manual chair in business class in a long time, I think since 1998 when they started changing the planes. I think they just need a cosmetic overhaul but the staff is very nice, and the best part I had my laptop on before take-off and I didn’t switch it off until after landing and nobody said a word to me, so the truth is that electronic equipment has no affect on the plane equipment, the airlines just want to be annoying about it.


I’m 80% that I’m going to fall asleep on the next flight since its around 4 hours, I can get some sleep in before the hectic day ahead.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. heeeeeeeeeey!! i know that lounge!!! there’s a game room in the back!! :)

    have a safe trip… and have a blast.

  2. I Hope You Have Fun :D I know u will…get me those bouncy booots

  3. To9al bisalamah inshalla :)
    Sleep is always a plus

  4. the laptop thing
    i dunno i wouldnt take my chances 9ara7a
    ya3ne im sure its not some game the airline likes to play with us :)

  5. and somehow you managed to squeeze in time to post on your blog! – with pictures! lool :P

  6. vampire: Thanks!

    MSB: looool! Thats cool, didn’t know there was a game room!

    Rashisha: You really want those bouncy boots? hahaha!

    Outkasty: alah esalmich!

    eshda3wa: I am very logical and that laptop rule is illogical!!! loool!

    KWT23: Always do!! lol

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