Up Coming Movies


These are the movies I am looking forward to over the next couple of months! I hope that I get to see them soon, some of them are hilarious and some of their are action movies that I have been waiting for such as The Dark Knight and Iron Man. Either I will see these movies uncut in the theater or I will get a high quality version of them to watch at home. There are probably a lot more movies out there I want to see, but I don’t know about them or remember just yet.

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    by the way revolver is an old movie i have seen it about 2 years ago it is an english movie but has not been released in the US.

  2. I wana see Rambo and Fred Claus. Most of the list is new to me, I’ll check ’em out, maybe I missed out the names.

  3. I believe Step Up 2 will rock the houses because it’s got beyond great Music plus it leaves that sappy doomed love story that Step Up had. I saw the trailer and I’m just awestruck I can’t wait for it! It’ll be available last day of my stay in the States I might postpone my trip if I don’t catch it!

  4. i think u missed out on many upcoming good ones!

    one of them for sure is will smiths “im legend”


    loved the pop corn!

  5. Cloverfield looks promising. There will be a sequel to Step Up?!

  6. Dude, you played short shrift to some fine cinema coming our way in “The Japanese Wife” and world cinema, such as
    the Marathi language feature film, ” Kadaachit”.

  7. i just noticed that your header changes

  8. spyka

    u missed ‘WANTED’ from the list!!
    check out the work by mark miller in the comic book

  9. Tartooob

    Nice taste of movies, Revolver is old.

  10. I cant wait to see harold and kumar and the mist, but Step Up 2?
    Almost all movies that do sequels suck!

  11. This weekend I am out shopping for the foll DVDs:
    Thank You for Smoking
    The Constant Gardener
    Children of Heaven – Irani

    Any further reco, people?

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