Useful Software: Back Up, PDF Write, DVD Ripper


I have been working a lot on my PC recently and I have been backing up music, movies, and data on my PC. I have had to have the right tools to get things done, and this is just a short overview of these tools.

CutePDF Writer (Free)

Its a simple software to documents to PDF, its very light on the system and it always works. I have had issues with Adobe’s PDF printer but with this software it works perfectly, and whats better is that its free.

Sync Toy (Free)

For once I think Microsoft came up with a useful, functional, and light tool. This is a very good tool to synchronize folders so that you back up information as well as consolidating information. Since I have a lot of duplicates of data, and some are older then the other I have started syncing folders and once I verify the information I delete one of the folders so I’m using it for clean up. You can create profiles so that it automatically backs up folders, and you don’t have to worry about losing data, and it is very light and quick.

HandBrake (Free)

This is a DVD ripping software that you can rip DVDs to MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM and you can choose different settings for different DVDs. It can’t rip all DVDs because of different types of encryption but I have another software to remove all types of encryption. It does a very good job, but it does require some tinkering but a simple tool to rip DVDs and encode them so you can watch them on your desktop or laptop.

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  1. i’m staring this post … i might need it in the future … thanx for sharing

  2. umm… shouldn’t you be on a plane right now?! i think we need some sort of intervention for you.. !!

  3. You should check out the new Dell 3008 monitor. It has Display Port 1.0. I am waiting for the monitor and a video card that has display port on it, to arrive from the U.S. By the looks of it, it will be a month before it arrives, because of customs and all. Sometimes, I get mad for the wait. I wish, my office can find an easier way to send parts to my lab, rather than this wait time.

  4. I use PDF creator. It is also free and open source. What I like about it is that it creates a printer device. All you have to do is print and select the PDF creator printer and it will ask you to safe the PDF file as it would should if you had printed it. This way you can even convert images and other documents by using the print function.

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