Food Poisoning … Again!!


This has been my luck when I go to Egypt, I knew that at some point that I might get food poisoning but I was hoping to avoid it. I don’t think there is a possibility of going to Egypt without getting food poisoning.

Our flight was Friday afternoon from Alexandria so we had to leave around 7:30 am from Cairo to take a minibus to Alexandria, it was a funny road trip and we were going to enjoy ourselves. For the few nights I was there I only ate out twice and I ate with a lot of friends, and at very good places. It was a three hour drive to the Alexandria Airport, we had to take Emirates Airline from there since every flight from Cairo was booked.

Towards the end of the bus trip I was feeling a bit queazy, I wasn’t sure what was wrong, I thought it was just a case of heartburn. When we were about to get on the plane I had a 7-up but it didn’t help. It was a 3.5 hour flight, and a little bit into the plane I felt things get worse and then I knew something was very wrong. When they served lunch I took one bite from the food and then went to the bathroom and vomited quite a bit. I felt better but really out of it, I went straight back to my seat and fell asleep, I didn’t want to eat a bite.

As soon as I got to the hotel in Dubai I asked for a doctor who prescribed to me three medications:

  • Bascopan (Pain)
  • Imodium (Clearing Poison)
  • Primperan (Naseau)

Drinking water felt a little bad even afer a few hours so I wanted to get a bite to eat. Later in the evening I had a little bit to eat, and I threw up again but at that time I think I cleared up everything in my stomach. After that I passed out until the morning, and I felt a lot better in the morning, now I just have to take it easy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. guessitdoesntmatter


  2. salamat

    onions,, u should eat a whole onion when u first got there ;) or mix it in a salad,, onions will do a great job

  3. Salamaat bro. lol it just isn’t your week is it!

  4. ma 3laik shar.. looks like someone gave u the ‘evil eye’ out of jealousy that ur country hopping while they’re stuck at work…! hope u get well soon o enjoy the rest of ur break.

  5. Zabo0o6a

    Matsho0f shar , salamat dear

  6. ooooh bad timing reading that post i was just thinking of visiting friends there!

    madri laish everyone who goes to egypt gets food poisoning! salamat..

  7. sorry to hear about that :/
    Throwing up is the worst feeling ever … its a workout in itself
    Yala etgoom bisalamah buddy

  8. Ziggy

    Dude, eat yougurt before every meal.. it will do the magic.. trust me!

  9. Iekiluoydiputs

    I hope you get better soon
    Do try to enjoy the new years :]

  10. Oh my god! Hope you’re feeling better! yea take it easy and do exactly what the doctor says =s

  11. guessitdoesntmatter: :) Getting better!

    vampire: Alah esalmik! yeah, but i had a wedding to go and an onion wouldn’t do the job!

    N: alah esalmik! seriously!

    MSB: thanks! I hope to get better soon as well!

    Outkasty: kha6aach el laash, alah esalmich!

    Zabo0o6a: shar ma eyeech, 7amdilla doing better!

    EniGma: Everyone who goes to Egypt has some stomach incident for some reason.

    Laialy: Alah esalmich, I’m very stubborn I’m out and about! :) First night I passed out completely!

    Ziggy: I don’t think its a good idea for this case, and the worst thing to do in Egyp!

    Ms.D: I will try that!

    Iekiluoydiputs: Thank you I will try

    Amer: Your an Ass!

    Kaileena: Thanks, I’m feeling better, but taking it easy is never an option!

  12. salamaaaaaaat!!!

    wain makil ele u got food poisoning!!

    u have to be real careful dude!

  13. Salamaaaaaaaaat!!! Egypt is notorious hehe :p
    Did you eat at Abo il Seed? or Fara7at? Kalait 7amaaaam?? ;)

    Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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