Oblong Gear Clock


I always like these types of clocks where the gears are showing and it has a very industrial look to it. For $125 I really like this type of watch for a modern office, hopefully the quality is as good as it looks.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. cool, although i’ve seen much more complex looking clocks with the same style

  2. Breeza

    Home selection in Alrayya center sells a variety of such gear clocks. They’re fun to watch … very inspiring!

  3. Laialy: looool! It is cool though!

    KWT23: Where have you seen them?

    Breeza: I will check that out

    Kaileena: pretty cool!

  4. dillard

    Hey! I’ve seen something similar at a-2-Z, you should check them out

  5. Outkasty: yup!

    dilard: Will do! But I always want the high quality ones!

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