Review: The Golden Compass


I was really looking forward to watching this movie since it was an interesting story with a good blend of fantasy and science that I enjoy. The movie started off with the children and you get a sense of understanding for time they are living in. The story progresses but a few things seems missing from the story since they left a few parts out from the book. The progress was very good and it was enjoyable, the characters were very interesting. Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman did an amazing job with their characters, and I’m not that fond of Nicole Kidman.


The movie was going at a very good pace, and the story was developing as things got interesting and the action was building up it seems like their would be more. Since this is a trilogy they ended this movie feeling as if it was missing something which was a mistake, I really thought their would be more and for a trilogy they should link the story not leave it feeling as if it was missing something. I expected more from it and I wasn’t satisfied from the ending but I loved the story.

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  1. thanks for the review Z. I am looking forward to watching it

  2. I believe I speak for my self and Saleh when I say that we were confused 80% of the time .. The movie expects you to have read the book because you spend half the time wondering what the hell is dust and the rest of the time confused from the monkey choking people..

  3. I liked it a lot, the end was sudden.. which I didn’t like, but overall it was very enjoyable!

  4. the problem “the lord of the rings” that set new standards for such movies

    i liked it and can’t wait for the next part

  5. didn’t watch it and after your review i probably won’t

  6. chikaP: Good! enjoy it!

    K: hahahaha! hahahahahaha! I agree with you!

    N: it was enjoyable but they needed to turn it into a complete movie!

    vampire: I agree, I want to see the next part but a little confusing!

    Laialy: hahaha!

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