Slight Hiatus


This has been one hell of a vacation, from meeting with all my friends and going to all the dinners with friends. Three days in Egypt were insane, with very little sleep and the wedding was nothing short of fantastic. It was a great wedding at the Four Seasons at the Nile with about 350 people. It was hectic since we were with the groom and he had a lot on his plate and helping him with a lot of different things.

I was only there for a three days in total and on the fourth day I traveled with a few friends to spend New Years in Dubai.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Enjoy it to the maximum !

  2. i tell you, it was pretty weird checking ur blog every now and then and not seeing a new post – let alone we are used to seeing 5+ posts every time we check in here! lol

  3. Who is spending NewYears sleeping this year and every year?

    me :P

  4. Laialy: Thanks!

    Cat: Thanks!

    Stallion: That didn’t work out too well!

    N: Thanks!

    KWT23: loool! I know I just had too much on the plate at one go!

    Outkasty: You should go out with friends or at least hang out with friends!

  5. glad u guys had a goodtime, mabrook 2 ur friend!

  6. El Aly

    el wedding!!

  7. eshda3wa: Thanks! Alah ebarik ib 7ayatich!

    El Aly: yup!

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