Bike Work!


Both Pyro and Robo have been under the knife for the past 10 Days, one machine is damaged while the other was recieving a face lift.

Robo Update:

  • All panels almost fixed, the tank has been repaired and repainted
  • Parts left to be ordered are the levers and engine crash protection


  • Rear tire changed for the new Perille SuperCorsas
  • Front and Rear fairing changed to Carbon Fiber

I hope to get Pyro before this weekend so that I can get some riding in over the weekend, I always miss riding if I don’t go for a few weeks with out it especially when the weather is this nice in Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I stopped riding since my cousin told me 14 years ago that ur leg would melt if it touched the exhaust pipe or what do they call it and a buggy ran over me…I know too many replies and comments on what I just said

  2. How do u ride it ?!! I can’t even ride a abike !

  3. JoJo

    I heard Pyro is already on the way to your home so do enjoy ridding this weekend.

    Cat : Check out TriStar for bike training if you live in Kuwait

  4. yaaaaaaaay i missed Robo and Pyro. Poor little things will be missing you, or is it the other way around ;p

  5. vampire: yup!

    hammoodee: I think that is a bit of an exagiration, if you wear the right gear it protects you from the heat. The right gear can protect you, but if you don’t feel like riding then its maybe not your thing :)

    Cat: Call up Tristar and they can give you a course with motorcycles. They are pretty good at it!

    JoJo: Yup, its very nice getting it back! :)

    ananyah: I only got Pyro back, Robo is going to take some time to get all the parts in! :)

    Laialy: alah esalmich!!! :)

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