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Review: Mr. Woodcock


Bill Bob Thorton plays the role of a cynical heartless physical education couch in a highschool, which seems to be the perfect role for him with his hill billy character. He just comes across as a hateful bastard and its entertaining seeing what he does to these kids to get them toughened up for real life. Sean William Scott plays the author of a self help book who became successful but he goes back to his home town he finds out his mother is involved with the old couch and she is going to marry him, then he tries everything possible to dig up dirt on his past to break them up. Its a funny movie and there are some funny characters, the best part is seeing Sean William Scott and Billy Bob Thorton go at it in the movie. Towards the end of the movie things were getting a bit slow and it wasn’t as funny but it did end on a funny note.


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