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Desmosedici RR


The closest any man can get to owning a Moto GP motorcycle. Ducati has built a machine to destroy everything possible on the track, and that is only if you have the skill to get the full potential of this machine. The Italians have beaten the Japanese to the punch.

I think Ducati Rider Vito Guareschi said it perfectly, “If you have a scale of one to ten on how easy a bike is to ride with a Ducati Monster 620 at one and a MotoGP bike at ten then this is an eight and a half.” And as for reference point the 1098 would fit in at five or six.


One of the main things that every person that has ridden this machine keeps saying is the brakes are phenomenol. The frame seems to be twice as stiff as the 1098, and the 1098 is a pretty stiff bike. Its a pure and simple machine made to race with 200 bhp at the twist of a wrist. Ducati has said that they have sold all 1500 versions of these machines, and they are all selling for £40’000.

Its comes with a few very interesting extras:

  • Three years free servicing
  • The Race Exhaust and CPU
  • Cover and Paddock Stand