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Review: 24 – Behind The Scenes


This is one those books that every 24 fan must have, it is filled with information and all the details of the different seasons. You get an intimate look into the process of 24 and what they do with all the different characters and how people don’t know exactly what is going to happen to them. The images throughout the book are amazing and give you an amazing look into the life of the people on 24.


The photos are delightful, revealing, and a true treat to the fans of 24. You get action shots of the scenes to off-set cast and crew as they are when they are preparing and relaxing at different times. Jon Casser is the executive producer and most of the pictures have his comments on them, they are very heartfelt and enjoyable commentary throughout the book. The photographs are sectionalized into the different seasons, and then going into the different process of 24 to make it what it is, and the special guest appearances on the show and the set. If your a true 24 fan than you need to see this.

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