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GulfAir at this Point


I have heard horror stories of Gulf Air and I wanted to avoid a horror story of my own, but through fate I had no choice but to go on this airline or on Kuwait Airways, reluctantly I went with Gulf Air and I though I would try my luck.


The First plane from Kuwait to Bahrain it felt like a plane that was stuck in the 70s and 80s, and hasn’t been upgraded since then. From I remember Gulf Air was owned by multiple companies and countries so it had no direction and everyone was trying to fill their pockets as fast as possible, only recently has it been bought out by the Bahrain Government and there has been improvements. I have to say even though the plane was old the service was good and the people were courteous.


The lounge was nice and very relaxing, it isn’t the newest but still nice. This is my first time to land in Bahrain Airport, I’m used to driving Bahrain, and it just doesn’t feel like an Airport, it feels more like an old shopping mall because of all the carpeting a some parts which have low ceilings.


Then the flight from Bahrain to Egypt was another story, the plane was very nice with upgraded interiors with really good service. The colors aren’t to my taste, but thats something on a personal level, but I think Kuwait Airways needs an attitude adjustment and they can learn what good service is from Gulf Air.