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Regular Honking Egypt


I kept thinking that Egypt’s population is at 60 million but it turns out over sometime they are now closer to 75 million, and Cairo is one very packed City. As one friend said it, there is basically no reason to have a fast car in Egypt, you just want a car that would win in all bumper to bumper accidents, and those taxis are strong tin cans!


The honking in Egypt came as expected, but what I noticed was that people just drove with their hands on the horn. Unlike Kuwait where road rage is rampant and honking is one of the last resorts with a inclination to kill, in Egypt they just honk and lean on each other without getting that pissed, even sometimes they are very cool about it. There is no where to go and everyone just honks the horn and squeezes into every possible crevice they can, I probably get a Hummer H1 or a Land Rover Defender to drive through Egypt and clear the way.


In Egypt one thing that gets annoying is how they try to push their car through, there is no concept of lanes, doesn’t matter how many white lines you paint its invisible in Egypt. Traffic lights are another story, they are only there as suggestions for drivers and not to be followed, red, yellow, and green are all one color “GO”.