Review: Death Sentence


This was an unexpected movie from Kevin Bacon, I haven’t seen him in a good movie in a while. He plays the role of a man with a family, he loses his son in a gang killing and from there he takes things into his own hands. It doesn’t play out the way he thinks it does and then things go spiraling from there. A great storyline which unfolds at the good pace keeping your toes throughout the movie. One of things that I liked in the movie is the music that was used in different scenes, it complemented the movie perfectly. The fight scenes kept you on your toes, you never knew who was going to win and they were beating the hell out of each other just to survive. This grief stricken family was at the end of their rope and you want to know whats going to happen next. The ending was a little bit unexpected to say the least, but overall a great movie and worth watching.


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  1. Beyond Q8iya

    If you want to watch a good movie, watch eastern promises.. We walked into it by mistake and it ended up being the best movie i’ve seen this year. The director is brilliant. Look out for the fight scene in the spa

  2. i was going to download this one, but felt it would turn out to be horrible so i avoided it. Guess i’m going to download it now :P

  3. I saw this movie and i agree with its really good!!

  4. Beyond Q8iya: I have it downloaded and I am going to watch it!! Thanks! :)

    KWT23: Its good, watch it!

    Laialy: yup!!

    Rashisha: yup! :)

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